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Robots are evolving fast and in a near future, they will interact with humans in their daily life. Social Robotics is therefore taking more and more importance as robots gain more capacities.

To work on this interesting, long-term and quite new topic, NAO is the best platform to quickly explore and test new concepts thanks to numerous sensors, humanoid shape, on-board processing capacities and a professional software suite.

The field of machine ethics combines artificial intelligence techniques with ethical theory, a branch of philosophy, to determine how to program machines to behave in an ethical manner. But there is currently no agreement, says Susan, as to which ethical principles should be programmed into machines.

The toddler-sized robot they have been using in their research, called Nao, has been programmed with an ethical principle that was discovered by a computer. This learned principle allows their robot to determine how often to remind people to take their medicine and when to notify an overseer, such as a doctor, when they don’t comply. Robots are currently being designed to assist the elderly, so those researches have very practical implications.

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Engaging and accessible platform with advanced communicative features:

  • Identify a specific person, react to vocal commands and uses expressive gestures to communicate
  • Interact with humans thanks to its numerous sensors

HRI Projects

Study and Design of Human Robot Interface for Learning - INRIA Bordeaux (FRANCE)

Robot-child interaction in hospital environment - The ALIZ-E project (EUROPE)

RoboCup@Home: international competition to develop service and assistive robot technology with high relevance for future personal domestic applications

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