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Robots Play Soccer

DFKI Bremen, the Robocup champions, explain how they work with NAO in the fields of perception, as well as behavior and motion control while learning the robot to play soccer:

“To make robots play soccer we distinguish between 4 different levels in our system. The first one is perception. There, we try to determine what the robot currently sees in the world, such as the goals, the field lines, the ball and other robots. In the second stage the robot builds models from this information, for example to determine where it is located on the game field, where the ball is, and where the other robots are, but also how fast is the ball, for the goal keeper to decide when to dive for the ball. The third one is behavior control that uses this information to make decisions: when to walk, when to kick, when to stand up. The fourth one is motion control, where these decisions are executed.”

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