NAO Robotics in Hong Kong

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Robotics Development Platforms and Languages

Access to NAO’s data and developer tool

Monitor is a desktop application giving access to NAO’s sensors and joints data.

You can easily measure and graph all the data from NAO’s sensors and joints. For example, you can illustrate closed loop control by graphing the angle command sent to a joint and the sensor position. You can even see the current used by the motors. And, it’s essential to enable students to understand the basic concepts used in the various disciplines interlinked with robotics.

Cross – platform /language – Windows, Linux or Mac-C++, Python, Java, Matlab, .NET, URBI.

Our user-friendly and well-documented SDK allows you to embed modules you developed into your robot and use them to create elaborate behaviors. The NAO SDK comes with the compilation and debugging tools you need. Our SDK is also compatible with many robotics development platforms and languages.

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