NAO Robotics in Hong Kong

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Learning How to Code

Aldebaran Robotics works now on very different market. We approached first the research market with research labs purchasing NAO to develop algorithms on humanoid platforms, such as vision recognition, navigation, motion, human robotic interactions. We also work with university and high schools to prepare the students for the world of tomorrow. When we talk about engaging students into learning how to code, teachers have easier time to engage them with a cute robot than with a simple computer. One of the best examples is the robocup where NAO became the standard platform. The secret objective of this competition is to succeed at developing a team of robots able to beat the human world champion team in 2050. The idea is to have teams of NAOs customized by developers competing against each other on soccer games. They can also mention the developer program accessible to individual developers who code new apps as a hobby. The last one is the ASK NAO project, NAO for special education, which gathers us today.

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