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Control a Robot

Autonomy requires robots to perceive the environment. Once the robot has an accurate map, or can move precisely, quickly and confidently through the environment. When the robot precisely knows its location, creating an accurate map is simple. The difficulty occurs when the robot neither has an accurate map nor precisely knows its location. The robot needs to move through an unknown area while creating a map. This is exactly what we human do in our daily life, and is an important functionality of intelligent robots.

Odometry: Odometry is the use of data from moving sensors to estimate change in position over time. Some robots use Odometry, whether they be legged or wheeled, to estimate (not determine) their position relative to a starting location. This method is sensitive to errors due to the integration of velocity measurements over time to give position estimates. Rapid and accurate data collection, equipment calibration, and processing are required in most cases for odometry to be used effectively.

Control a robot: kinect, posture analysis with NAO’s camera, motion-capture suit…

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