NAO Robotics in Hong Kong

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NAO- based labs sessions and project examples in four areas.

a. Project for students

In universities or schools using NAO, students and teachers are developing projects such as: how to mimic a student’s body posture, navigate through a room or recognize objects.

b. Research

Scientific research is being conducted in the following areas with NAO platform: robotics, mapping, object recognition, grasping, walking, motion, autism, human machine interaction /ethics, navigation in complex indoor environments, object category recognition & detection…and more!

c. Labs for computer science / control

In computer science, use NAO platform to discover algorithmic logic basics or teach object oriented, embedded or real time programming…In control, use ankle to define the control law of a 2 DOF system or use NAO platform to define complex control mixing vision / motion / audio.

d. Labs for mechanics / electronics

At beginner level, you can redesign basic mechanical parts using NAO CAD files as well as work on torque computation or sensors study. At advanced level, students can use their math skills to perform matrix computation to work on NAO kinematics…..

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