NAO Robotics in Hong Kong

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NAO at Hong Kong University

Advantages of using NAO for students.

With NAO, there is hands-on experience by connecting theory with practice to discover a wide range of fields linked to robotics such as computer science, mechanics, electronics or control. Our curriculum used in conjunction with NAO allows students to develop a structured approach to finding solutions and adapting a wide range of cross-sectional educational content. One example is for the instructor to assign students to program NAO to grasp an object and lift it. The assigned task is immediately clear to students. Why might NAO have a problem with the execution of the assigned task? What are the difficulties or obstacles that NAO is having? Students are naturally motivated to find answers to these questions. NAO fostering team work, project management, problem solving and communication skills. NAO also is inspiring a high level of motivation and interest for engineering careers. Our worldwide customers, higher education and researcher are from MIT, Telecom Paristech, University of Bremen, Tokyo University, Zhejiang University, University of Southern California, University of Texas, Austin, Carnegie Mellon University, Sapienza Roma, University of Hertfordshire, National University of Seoul, National Taiwan University, University of Hong Kong and more. NAO at Hong Kong University as part of the teaching tools since 2011.

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